Friday 5 September 2014

Bengawan Seafood Bagan Siapi-api, Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Name: Bengawan Seafood Bagan Siapi-api
Food: Indonesian, Seafood, Crab, Halal
Location: Food Plaza Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta Utara
Specialty: Kepiting Asap (Smoked Crab)
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Many varieties
Dislike: Roadside, No Air Conditioning
Recommended: Kepiting Asap, Kepiting Saus Padang, Kerapu masak Tauco, Ikan Kuwe Bakar, Udang Goreng Telor Asin, Cumi Bakar, Kangkung cah Terasi, Toge tumis Ikan Asin
Note: Kepiting Asap come with crab coated with sweet and spicy sauce wrapped in banana leaf then grilled. Taste nice and spicy. The crab is fresh and meaty.
Kepiting Saus Padang is crab cooked with special chili sauce and onion. Taste good and spicy too. Crab also tender and fresh.
Kerapu masak Tauco come with Garoupa cooked with fermented bean sauce. Taste perfect and delicious. The fish also fresh and nice.
Ikan Kuwe Bakar come with grilled Giant Trevally fish with sweet soy sauce. Taste nice and meaty. 
Udang Goreng Telor Asin come with big prawn fried with battered flour and salty egg. Taste nice and salty.
Cumi Bakar is grilled squid coated with sweet sauce. Very tender and nice.
Kerang Bambu Saus Padang use bamboo clam cooked in special chili sauce and onion. Nothing special for clam.
Cap Cai Seafood come with stir fried vegetables, fish cakes and shrimps.
Kangkung cah Terasi come with morning glory fried with prawn paste. Taste fresh and salty.
Toge tumis Ikan Asin come with bean sprouts fried with salty fish. Taste fresh and salty too.
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Kepiting Saus Padang
Kepiting Asap. Wrapped in banana leaf
Kepiting Asap. Wrap opened
Kerapu masak Tauco
Ikan Kuwe Bakar
Udang Goreng Telor Asin
Cumi Bakar
Kerang Bambu Saus Padang
Cap Cai Seafood
Kangkung cah Terasi
Toge tumis Ikan Asin
Sambal Terasi and Sweet Sauce Chili

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  1. Restoran bengawan seafood bagansiapiapi pindah ke alamat: djlopo raya no.52,gedangan,dusun 2, sukoharjo, jawa tengah