Wednesday 16 July 2014

Kwetiaw Beras Yiu Huat, Taman Palem Lestari Jakarta

Name: Kwetiaw Beras Yiu Huat
Food: Chinese, Medan, Non Halal
Location: Ruko Palem Lestari Blok A5/61 Cengkareng Jakarta Barat
Specialty: Kwetiaw Beras, Chi Cong Fan
Taste: Good
Price: Affordable
Like: Not too oily, Fast serving, Traditionally made, Charcoal stove
Dislike: No Aircon
Recommended: Kwetiaw Polos
Note: If you don't know what is kwetiaw, it is same as kway teow, wide rice noodle. And kwetiaw Medan is fried rice noodle in unique Medan style.
In all kwetiaw Medan stall they have 3 original versions: kwetiaw polos (basic type with only chye sim and bean sprout), kwetiaw telor ( basic with egg) and kwetiaw isi ( basic with the most complete ingredients included prawn, fish cake and lap cheong).
Most of kwetiaw Medan is non halal or contain pork.
You also can order noodle or bihun (rice vermicelli) instead of kwetiaw.
They also serve Chi Cong Fan (wider than kwetiaw but taste different).
Any comments are welcomed.
The Menu
Kwetiaw Polos
Kwetiaw Isi
Kwetiaw Telor

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