Sunday 3 August 2014

SumoBoo!, Mal Taman Anggrek Jakarta

Name: SumoBoo!
Food: Japanese, Dessert, Rice, Noodle, Non Halal
Location: Mal Taman Anggrek L4 460 Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav.21 Jakarta Barat
Specialty: Ice Dessert
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Nice Food Presentation
Dislike: Space too small, Food too much MSG
Recommended: Kakigori 6, Tori Naked Ramen
Note: Boo kakigori is the most favorite ice dessert order. It sculpted into some kind of bear head. Very eye catching. Matcha boo kakigori is green tea flavored ice dessert with a scoop of ice cream on shaved iced. Strawberry is strawberry sauce pour onto shaved iced, also come with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Too bad the shaved iced not too smooth and felt like been keep in the freezer before. This Boo Kakigori has egg pudding on bottom of the ice. So this dessert only nice for presentation.
SumoBoo Kakigori is ice dessert on bowl that topped with red bean, green tea ice cream, egg pudding, sliced almond, taro, nata de coco and mochi. The taste is nice and many variation.
Tori Naked Ramen is dry noodle topped with cubed chicken meat, sunny side up egg and seaweed. You can choose the spiciness leved between 5 (not spicy) to 30 (very hot spicy).
Unagi Donburi is rice topped with unagi (eel), sunny side up egg and seaweed. 
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Mathca Boo Kakigori and Strawberry Boo Kakigori
SumoBoo Kakigori 
Tori Naked Ramen
Unagi Donburi

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