Saturday 21 February 2015

Ccozi & Friends, Gandaria City

Name: Ccozi & Friends
Food: Korean, rice , noodle, halal
Location: Unit 103 LG Floor Gandaria City Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.8 Kebayoran Lama Jakarta Selatan
Specialty: Rice, Tok Bok Ki, Ramen
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Nice Interior
Dislike: So far so good
Recommended: Tok Bok Ki Mandu, Ramen Mandu, Sun Du Bu Seafood, Kookhwa Cha Korea
Note: Tok Bok Ki Mandu come with Tok Bok Ki (Korean rice cake), hard boil egg, chicken sausages, thin fish cake, Korean dumplings simmered with special Korean red spicy sauce. Taste good and spicy.
Ramen Mandu come with Korean instant noodle with spicy soup and Korean dumplings. Taste fresh and spicy.
Sun Du Bu Seafood come with special Korean tofu stew, spicy soup, clams, squid, spring onion and half cooked egg. Taste nice and hot.
Kookhwa Cha Korea is a Korean style hot Chrysanthemum flower tea. Very refreshing and healthy.
Any comments are welcomed.
Tok Bok Ki Mandu
Ramen Mandu
Sun Du Bu Seafood
Kookhwa Cha Korea
The Menu

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