Sunday 1 March 2015

Restaurant Taman Sari (Hua Yuan), Puncak West Java

Name: Restaurant Taman Sari (Hua Yuan)
Food: Chinese, Rice, Non Halal
Location: Jl.Raya Cipanas No.62 Pacet, Cipanas, Puncak, West Java
Specialty: Sum sum ca saos tirem
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Authentic Chinese Food
Dislike: So far so good
Recommended: Sum sum ca saos tirem, Fu yung hai saos asem manis, Lindung ca fumak, Kodok batu goreng mentega.
Note:  Sum sum ca saos tirem come with beef bone marrow (sum sum) cooked with special oyster sauce. Taste nice and savory.
Fu yung hai saos asem manis come with Chincese style egg omelette. Inside the omelette included vegetables and meat. On top of the omelette poured with special sweet and sour sauce. Taste nice and sweet.
Lindung ca fumak come with Belut (Eel) cut into dices and deep fried. Then stir fried with Fumak (Indian Lettuce) and special dark sauce. Taste fresh and savory.
Kodok batu goreng mentega come with flour breaded fried stone frog with butter sauce. The stone frog is bigger than ordinary frog and very meaty. The butter sauce also nice and salty. Nice and crispy.
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Sum sum ca saos tirem
Lindung ca fumak
Kodok batu goreng mentega
Fu yung hai saos asem manis
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