Friday 3 April 2015

Saung Grenvil, Greenville Jakarta

Name: Saung Grenvil
Food: Indonesian, Seafood, Crab, Halal
Location: Kompleks Greenville Blok AV/12A Duri Kepa Jakarta Barat
Specialty: Ikan Kakap (Sea Bass)Cah Tauco Pete
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Airconditined, Spacious place with two level storey.
Dislike: Food too salty, ask for less salt.
Recommended: Kepiting Asap (Smoked Crab), Ikan Kakap (Sea Bass) Cah Tauco Pete, Cumi Goreng Tepung Crispy, Gurame (Tilapia) Goreng, Kerang Bambu (Bamboo Clam) Saos Padang, Tauge (Bean Sprout) Cah Polos, Kailan (Chinese Kale) Cah Polos, Tahu Isi (Fried Tofu with prawn filing), Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken), Pete Bakar (Roasted Stinky Bean), Sayur Asem.
Note: Kepiting Asap (Smoked Crab) come with Smoked Crab and special coconut sauce and red chili wrapped in banana leaves. Taste fresh and spicy.
Ikan Kakap (Sea Bass) Cah Tauco Pete come with Deep Fried Sea Bass poured with special bean paste sauce and accompanied with fresh chili, fried tofu and stinky beans. Taste fresh and hot.
Cumi Goreng Tepung Crispy come with deep fried battered Squid. Taste very crispy and tasty.
Gurame (Tilapia) Goreng come with deep fried Tilapia Fish. Some fish still has soil taste, so better avoid this.
Kerang Bambu (Bamboo Clam) Saos Padang come with Bamboo Clam cooked with special spicy sauce. Taste nice and fresh.
Tauge (Bean Sprout) Cah Polos come with stir fried Bean Sprout with minced Garlic and tomato. Taste nice and fresh.
Kailan (Chinese Kale) Cah Polos come with stir fried Chinese Kale with minced Garlic. Taste nice and fresh.
Tahu Isi (Fried Tofu with prawn filing) come with Deep Fried battered Tofu with Prawn, Carrot and vegetables as filing. Taste nice and tender.
Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) come with Indonesian style Fried Chicken. Taste salty and nice.
Pete Bakar (Roasted Stinky Bean) come with fire grilled Stinky Bean. Can be very hassle to peel the beans since the burned black skin can stain and fall into your plate. Taste nice and fresh.
Sayur Asem come with vegetables sour soup. Some vegetables included Young Jack Fruit, Corn, Long Beans, Peanuts and fresh Red Chili. Taste sour and fresh.
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Kepiting Asap (Smoked Crab)
Ikan Kakap (Sea Bass) Cah Tauco Pete
Cumi Goreng Tepung Crispy
Gurame (Tilapia) Goreng
Kerang Bambu (Bamboo Clam) Saos Padang
Tauge (Bean Sprout) Cah Polos
Kailan (Chinese Kale) Cah Polos
Tahu Isi (Fried Tofu with prawn filing)
Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken)
Pete Bakar (Roasted Stinky Bean)
Sayur Asem
Group Photo

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