Friday 29 May 2015

Singapore Kwetiaw Kerang Seafood & Chinese Food, Ozone Mall Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

Name: Singapore Kwetiaw Kerang Seafood & Chinese Food
Food: Chinese, Singapore, Rice, Kwetiaw, Halal
Location: Ozone Mall L1 03 (Opposite RS PIK) Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta Utara
Specialty: Kwetiaw goreng seafood Singapore
Taste: Good
Price: High
Like: Free flow Ice Tea
Dislike: Food portion too small
Recommended: Kwetiaw goreng seafood Singapore, Saklon masak sayur asin, Ayam rebus ala rest, Singapore, Cap cay kuah, Lumpia udang, Es campur solo
Note: Singapore style Chinese and seafood restaurant. Has been established for long time in Pluit area and now open their latest branch in PIK area.
Kwetiaw goreng seafood Singapore come with Singapore style fried kwayteow with cockle, shrimp, fish ball, bean sprout and egg. Taste nice and sweet.
Saklon masak sayur asin come with fried bull frog with salted vegetable. Taste nice and savory.
Ayam rebus ala rest, Singapore come with boneless steam chicken topped with garlic, bean sprout and cilantro. Taste nice and tasty.
Cap cay kuah come with Chinese sytle fried mixed vegetables, chicken, chicken gizzard, mushroom, shrimp and cuttlefish. Taste nice and fresh.
Lumpia udang come with fried shrimp roll. Taste nice and crispy.
Es campur solo come with Javanese style shaved ice with onde (glutinous rice ball), black glutinous rice, tape (fermented cassava), sum sum (rice pudding), cendol (green rice jelly), grass jelly and palm sugar. Taste sweet and fresh.
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Kwetiaw goreng seafood Singapore
Saklon masak sayur asin
Ayam rebus ala rest, Singapore
Cap cay kuah
Lumpia udang
Es campur solo
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