Thursday 9 July 2015

Pandan Bistro, Pluit Jakarta

Name: Pandan Bistro
Food: Indonesian, Sundanese, Rice, Seafood, Halal
Location: Jl. Pluit Sakti Raya No.65 Jakarta Utara
Specialty: Rice, Seafood, Sundanese
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Has economical rice set
Dislike: Airconditining not so good when crowded
Recommended: Paket nasi sayur (Economical rice set), Gulai kepala ikan kakap (Red snapper head curry), Tahu Kipas (Fried stuffed tofu), Sayur asem (Tamarind vegetables soup), Sop buntut (Oxtail soup)
Note: Paket nasi sayur (Economical rice set) come with rice accompanied with 4 kind of mixed vegetable dishes like: acar timun (pickled cucumber), gulai nangka (young jackfruit curry), gulai singkong (cassava leaves curry) and urap (coconut and steam vegetables salad). Taste nice and good.
Gulai kepala ikan kakap (Red snapper head curry) come with red snapper head cooked in curry sauce. Taste nice and savory.
Tahu Kipas (Fried stuffed tofu) come with deep fried battered tofu stuffed with prawn, carrot and vegetable. Taste good and crispy.
Sayur asem (Tamarind vegetables soup) come with tamarind soup accompanied with corn, melinjo seed, young jackfruit, long bean, chili, peanut and labu siam (chayote). Taste nice and sour.
Sop buntut (Oxtail soup) come with oxtail soup accompanied with carrot, spring onion, lime and emping melinjo (melinjo cracker). Taste fresh and savory.
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Paket nasi sayur (Economical rice set)
Gulai kepala ikan kakap (Red snapper head curry)
Tahu Kipas (Fried stuffed tofu)
Sayur asem (Tamarind vegetables soup)
Sop buntut (Oxtail soup)
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