Monday 21 July 2014

Mie Akong, Muara Karang Jakarta

Name: Mie Akong
Food: Chinese, Noodle, Non Halal
Location: Near Iton Muara Karang Timur Blok B8 No.102 Jakarta Utara
Specialty: Noodle
Taste: Good
Price: Affordable
Like: Air Conditioned
Dislike: Need more cleanliness
Recommended: Mie Hong Kong
Note: Mie Hong Kong use thin noodle topped with chye sim, char siew pork and diced chicken. Taste nice and sweet.
Mie Ayam use thick noodle topped with chye sim and diced chicken. Taste not too savoury.
They also provided free shallot pickles and sweet salty vegetable pickles.
Any comments are welcomed.
Mie Ayam
Mie Hong Kong

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