Sunday 24 August 2014

Asia Restaurant, The Ritz-Carlton Mega Kuningan Jakarta

Name: Asia Restaurant
Food: Breakfast, Buffet, Indonesian, Japanese, Indian, Western, Non Halal
Location: Level 1, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Mega Kuningan Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan kav E1.1 No. 1 Jakarta Selatan
Specialty: Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese
Taste: Good
Price: High
Like: Nice interior, Friendly waiters
Dislike: Avoid the dim sum at any cost
Recommended: Omelette, Bread Butter Pudding, Indonesian Fried Rice, Soto Ayam, Chinese Section, Korean Section.
Note: Salad come with many fresh vegetables and dressings selection. Good for raising your appetite.
American Breakfast come with chicken sausage, beef sausage, Sauteed Vegetables and Baked Bean. Nothing special and standard.
Omelette cooked when you ordered. Nice and fresh egg filled with cheese, vegetables and meat. You can order other egg dishes like sunny side up, boiled egg or egg benedict.
Dim sum corner only has 3 type of dim sum: chicken bun, custard bun and some kind of dumpling. Not warm and taste flat. The custard bun is really dry.
The only Japanese food is tuna roll and baked sushi roll. Nothing special.
Bread Butter Pudding is soft and sweet. Taste perfect and satisfying.
Indonesian Fried Rice is a must for fried rice lovers. It fried after you order. Taste nice and not too oily. Accompanied with cucumber pickles and onion crackers.
Soto Ayam come with shredded chicken, bean sprout, tomato, sohun (bean vermicelli), cabbage. The soto is nice and not too salty. The red chili is fresh and very hot.
Chinese Section come with Angsio Beef (braised beef), Prawn with special sauce, Fried Kway Teow and Fish with soy sauce. The ingredients taste good and fresh but not warm enough (literally cold).
Korean Section come with Kimchi Fried Rice, Beef Bulgogi, Chicken and Spicy Korean Miso Soup. Taste good and nice. Must try for this.
Any comments are welcomed.
American Breakfast
Dim sum corner
Tuna roll and baked salmon roll
Bread Butter Pudding
Indonesian Fried Rice
Soto Ayam
Chinese Section
Korean Section

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