Saturday 16 August 2014

Momi & Toy's Creperie, Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Name: Momi & Toy's Creperie
Food: Japanese, Crepe, Halal
Location: Plaza Senayan Level 3 #302 Jl. Asia Afrika No.8 Jakarta
Specialty: Crepe
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: The Interior
Dislike: So far so good
Recommended: Blueberry Vanilla Ocean, Strawberry Crepe, Banana Chocolate Crepe, Matcha Crepe
Note: Blueberry Vanilla Ocean come with vanilla ice cream topped with blueberry sauce. Sweet and sour taste.
Strawberry Crepe filled with strawberry and cream. Nice filling and fresh ingredient.
Banana Chocolate Crepe filled with banana, chocolate and cream. Sweet and delicious.
Mathca Crepe filled with matcha cream and topped with matcha powder. Nice taste and refreshing.
Any comments are welcomed.
Blueberry Vanilla Ocean 
 Banana Chocolate Crepe
 Strawberry Crepe
 Mathca Crepe
Store Front

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