Sunday 17 August 2014

Beautika Restoran Khas Manado, Tanah Abang Jakarta

Name: Beautika Restoran Khas Manado
Food: Indonesian, Manado, Seafood, Rice
Location: Jl. Abdul Muis No.70A Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat
Specialty: Fish, Spicy
Taste: Good
Price: Middle
Like: Many dishes selection
Dislike: So far so good
Recommended: Marlin Woku, Cakalang Rabe Rica, Bebek Sere, Bunga Pepaya, Kangkung Cah, Acar Timun, Pisang Goreng + Sambal, Es Kacang Merah
Note: Marlin Woku come with Marlin fish cooked with very spicy sauce. Very savoury and mouth watering.
Cakalang Rabe Rica also taste very spicy that use Skipjack Tuna fish.
Bebek Sere come with duck cooked with green chili sauce. If you cannot take spicy food, this is not for you.
Bunga Pepaya is stir fried papaya flowers. Not spicy and taste nice.
Kangkung Cah come with morning glory vegetable stir fried with garlic. Fresh and taste good.
Acar Timun is Indonesian style salad use cucumber, carrot, pineapple and chili. Quite spicy and fresh.
Pisang Goreng + Sambal is deep fried banana accompanied by hot chili sauce. Taste crispy and sweet.
Es Kacang Merah is dessert come with shaved ice topped with red bean and palm sugar. Suitable for neutralize the hot food.
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Cakalang Rabe Rica 
 Kangkung Cah
 Marlin Woku
 Acar Timun
 Bebek Sere
 Bunga Pepaya
 Pisang Goreng + Sambal
 Es Kacang Merah
 Dishes on table
 Red rice for health conscious one

Food display

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