Tuesday 12 August 2014

Table8, Hotel Mulia Jakarta

Name: Table8
Food: Chinese, Dim Sum, Non Halal
Location: Hotel Mulia Jl. Asia Afrika 1 Senayan Jakarta Selatan
Specialty: Dim Sum
Taste: Great
Price: High
Like: Luxury Interior, Friendy Waiters
Dislike: So far so good
Recommended: Custard Bun, Char Siew Bun, Chicken Feet, Jelly Fish, Ha Kau, Siew Mai, Fried Tofu Skin Roll
Note: Custard Bun is steamed bun filled with salted egg custard. Very tasty and sweet.
Char Siew Bun is steamed bun filled with pork char siew. Great for raising appetite.
Chicken Feet use spices and sauce that make it very savoury and tender.
Jelly Fish is fresh and tender. Sliced into thin and perfectly toasted with special sauce and sesame seeds.
Chee Cheong Fun is steamed rice noodle roll filled with pork. Poured with special sauce. Really mouth watering.
Ha Kau (har gow) use fresh shrimp as its filling. The skin is very thin and smooth. Must have for dim sum.
Siew Mai also use freh shrimp in minced version combined with minced pork wrapped with wonton wrap.
Fried Tofu Skin Roll is deep fried tofu skin roll with minced meat filling.
Suikiau Shicuan Style (shui jiao) is boiled dumpling filled with minced meat then poured with spicy sauce. Taste good.
Their special tea is flower tea that come with ball shape. The hot water will be poured by the waiter using long nose pot. Very entertaining.
Any comments are welcomed.
Custard Bun
Char Siew Bun
Chicken Feet
Jelly Fish
Ha Kau
Siew Mai
Fried Tofu Skin Roll
Chee Cheong Fun
Suikiau Shicuan Style
Flower Tea Ball
Flower Tea Ball after awhile
The Interior
Dining Room

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