Saturday 9 August 2014

Bakmie Aloi (Delivery), Greenville Jakarta

Name: Bakmie Aloi (Delivery)
Food: Noodle, Palembang, Non Halal, Delivery
Location: Jl. Mangga 2 no.42 Greenville Jakarta Barat
Specialty: Bakmie (Noodle) Komplit
Taste: Good
Price: Affordable
Like: Delivery is convenience if you can't eat there. Less than 45 minutes time.
Dislike: Minimum Order and Limited Area Applied.
Recommended: Bakmie Komplit, Bakmi Jamur, Nasi Uduk
Note: Bakmie Aloi is noodle specialist from Palembang. They has they own unique noodle. The noodle is a little bit thick and long. Taste good and delicious.
Bakmi Komplit is the most complete version come with minced meat, sliced meat, chicken meat, mushroom, chye sim and bean sprout.
Bakmi Jamur is the least ingredients version come with only mushroom, chye sim and bean sprout.
The noodle also can change into kway teow or bihun (rice vermicelli).
Nasi Uduk come with coconut milk rice, fried diced tempe, peanuts, sliced egg, fried bihun, anchovies, sliced cucumber and fried chicken. Also accompanied with sambal (special sweet and spicy sauce) alternative for breakfast.
Any comments are welcomed.
Bakmie Komplit
Kwetiaw Komplit
Bakmie Jamur
Bihun Jamur
Nasi Uduk
Delivery Available with limited area and minimum order

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